Dana Gae Hanchard


This Saturday June 18 



      ‘Healin’ In The Spring’ ∗ Solstice 2016

Come to the spring & celebrate the first clearing of the season at Cold Spring Hollow in NYC. It is a natural spring source that was in public use until the 1980’s. The spring sits just to the eastern edge of the field as you are facing Inwood Hill Forest and Shorakapok rock In Inwood Hill Forest Park.  

Look how happy the birds are, now that they have greater access to the water as seen in the short video above.

 Collective creation, for the health of the water, the land & the people.

Bring your heart's gifts, bring your best self!


Getting There:

Take the A train to 207th St. exit 211/ Isham St. walk uphill on Isham st.  2 short blocks from Broadway, past the church and into the park where Isham St. ends. Enter and walk straight in to the left of the flag pole down the hill and turn left  on the path that runs along the field toward the forest. We will gather there at the spring by the side of the field and later at the caves close by & pointed out by arrows on the ground.




Rounds and Dances for Peace and Planetary Existence -Manahatta Peace Project- Playtime 4/2/2016 from Dana Hanchard on Vimeo.