Dana Gae Hanchard

Join us Saturday  April 2, 2016 for



Rounds and Dances for Peace and Planetary Existence


...because live play is serious business,
we HAVE to sing and dance.
click here to glimpse.
 Inwood Movement 5030 B’way@ W.214th St. NYC Studio #613
by donation reserve a spot➾ MANAHATTA PEACE PROJECT box, top right.

Come dance and sing♢ express and make manifest your longing desire
for a peaceful, healthy existence on earth ♢ We have lost our way, and the true meaning of ritual ♢The purpose of dancing and singing and making art is not for monetary profit nor for soliciting public acclaim and regard♢The true meaning behind creative ritual is to bring us into greater understanding of who we are♢knowing our true place and purpose within our environment.